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Feminism vs. Just Gittin’ It Done…

Let’s be clear: I am no feminist. I do, however, write stories about strong-willed women who overcome some pretty stout obstacles. Often, my heroines are based on real people.

So, why am I not a feminist? Isn’t modern feminism basically the belief women should be treated the same as men? One dictionary defines it as advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men.

Hmmm. Let’s not give that platform a blank check. The FACT is women are different from men and when two things ARE inarguably different, they don’t always need to be treated the same. For example, only women can get pregnant. A woman shouldn’t be allowed to kill a baby growing in her uterus under the guise of women’s rights, or pro-choice or whatever pretty euphemism you’d like to use.

Furthermore, God’s Word draws a distinction between men and women, calling us the weaker vessel. Weaker. Not defective. Physically weaker.

Generally speaking, women didn’t sail the seas to find a new country. Women didn’t hack trails out of the wilderness to see what was over the next hill. Women didn’t trek deep into the heart of the mountains to trap beavers. When gold was discovered in California, women didn’t saddle their horses and ride hell-bent-for-leather to stake a claim.

Feminists would say slow female participation in these events was due to a society that held women back. Everything from unfair property laws to corsets, to educational barriers kept us from tackling great, ground-breaking, destiny-defining adventures. I say phooey. That is a bogus construct.

Women—namely, American women—have always done what they needed to do when they needed to do it. Especially if they really wanted to do it. Our female ancestors lived on the frontier, fought in the Revolutionary War, drove their own wagons west, panned for their own gold, opened their own freight lines, ranched on the edge of Indian Territory, won the right to vote. These endeavors were harder for them. Yet, rather than whine about their circumstances, like their physical limitations and ignorant men, they forged ahead.

And did all this without playing the victim, amplifying their own sense of self-importance (read “selfish” here), or casting off their moral compass, along with their femininity.

I believe the content of a person’s character is the true determining factor in their success. You can’t keep a good woman down and smart men eventually figure that out.


Speaking of strong-willed women, you should check out my book Grace be a Lady. Yep, it’s the tale of a feisty heroine who did what she had to do without selling her soul in the process.

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Escape in Time for the Weekend–FREE Time Travel Books

Hey, remember Somewhere in Time? Time and Again? Those movies started with great time travel books. You want to get away this weekend for FREE? I suggest the best way is to read and set your mind free. All these books are FREE! Pick up a copy today!
Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 12.26.48 PM

For fun, here is a little snippet looking into my contribution–In Time for Christmas. Honestly, I think this story has one of the best, most sentimental endings of all that I’ve written!

Dale fluttered his eyes, then opened them all the way. The glare from the windows outlined Mimi’s perfect hourglass figure. He watched with appreciation of her curves as she neatly packaged her assets back into last night’s blue sequined dress.
“Good morning, Sunshine.” She reached for the studded purse on the nightstand. “Remember, dinner with the DNC tonight. Pick me up eight o’clock sharp.”
Dale groaned and rolled over on his stomach. Every night this past week Mimi had dragged him from one fundraiser to another. Angling to be his political adviser, she was hot and heavy to get him moving in the right circles for the election in two years. Money and power. Mimi lived for it. The spicy opposite of Charlene, that was for sure …
He sat up. Charlene. “What day is it?”
He heard her sigh. “Friday. Do you need the date and the year, too?”
He ignored her condescending tone and threw back the sheets. His head thundered from too many vodka martinis but that wasn’t his biggest problem at the moment.
“What’s the matter?” Mimi paused in putting on her earrings. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
“Maybe,” he said. Where had the week gone? He should have picked Charlene up on Tuesday. She’d been out at the ranch five days with no food, no blankets, probably no water?
He smiled at the picture that came to mind. His little wifey, weak, starving, cowering in a corner, half-frozen.
Well, she’d be a whole lot easier to get along with now, he suspected. No more of those cold stares that said he hadn’t really broken her. Yes, indeed, he would break her. Just like his dad had broken his mom. Obedient wives, that’s what a man needed. One to cook, clean, keep the home fires burning and the bed warm.
He was quite certain Charlene would fall into his arms and promise him anything now. No more attempts to get a job or do volunteer work. No more sneaking out for a jog or a chat with the mailman. And now he wouldn’t have to resort to that other plan, the one that involved chains and handcuffs.
Charlene would finally be his sweet little Stepford wife.
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