I Challenge You to Put Out into the Deep

There is a fine line between giving God the glory for something and bragging. For a few days, I’ve mostly been sitting on a little news, sharing it with just a few people, trying to check my motivations. I’ve come to the conclusion when GOD moves–whether it be in a spectacular, awesome way or not–GIVE HIM the GLORY. 🔥
I had a conversation Tuesday with film producer Brad Wilson about my script for A Lady in Defiance. I was looking for a critique and input. And maybe what to do next. Brad ran Robert Duvall’s production company for 11 years and now is an indy producer who has done a lot of films.
 Right before I submitted the script to him, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to do more than polish it. I took a knife to it and rewrote some scenes. The script went from 127 pages (which is ENTIRELY too long) down to 101. Issues I’d struggled with before cleared up and smoothed out almost easily.
Brad is absolutely the nicest man in the world. And he could not have been any more complimentary about the script. He LOVED it! I mean, he raved about it. I was shocked. He told me not to change a thing about it if I wanted to go out and pitch it to some production companies!
He told me things are just now barely starting to move again in the film industry and he has financial people who are specifically interested in westerns. He just can’t commit to any timing yet for a meeting but he asked for permission to share the script with them. He would really like to tell them about it!
He also said if I wanted to pitch the script to some production companies in the meantime, to use his name, that he wanted to be involved with the project.
So, wow. I can’t believe he didn’t suggest ANY changes. He loved the characters, especially Naomi. He loved the dialogue. He mentioned a couple of scenes that just hit right between the eyes. He was so complimentary, I told him I thought he was setting me up to tell me what was WRONG with the script. He said, “Nothing.”
I nearly fell over.
i'm coming (1) The film industry is in a weird place right now, but he really loved the story and said he thinks one day it’ll be on TV.
I still can’t believe he didn’t suggest any changes. He said he would never have known I was a novelist–or that it was my first script. He kept saying he was really impressed.
Y’all, that is ALL God. Pure and simple.
He’s told me repeatedly not to quit writing and “to put out into the deep.” Over and over, he’s given me that scripture from Luke. I can’t tell you the doubt and persecution I’ve suffered trying to follow this profession. I’ve been called worthless and lazy, even selfish, by members of my own family. And, yes, pursuing this not-so-lucrative career hasn’t made sense most of the time. I’ve doubted. Applied for jobs. But I couldn’t even go through with the interview it felt so wrong. 
I’m sharing this story to brag on God. He has a plan for my life and watching it unfold has been faith-affirming. He has a plan for you, too! I hope my story encourages you to keep pursuing your dreams if they’re from Him–but seek FIRST the kingdom! Draw close to Him. Fight the enemy when he comes to steal your dreams because he will. Be courageous and put out into the deep.
Most importantly, KEEP MOVING FORWARD with God.



About Heather Frey Blanton

"I believe Christian fiction should be messy and gritty, because the human condition is ... and God loves us anyway." -- Heather Blanton

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  1. Oh my dear Heather, what a great, great part of your writing journey you’ve shared in this blogpost! Thank God for Brad Wilson and for YOU. Do not let anyone deter you from this path God has placed you on. He always knows what He’s doing with us. Ignore the naysayers and take the high ground on the negative comments from family and friends. They mean nothing compared to God’s plan for us. Jesus knew that and repeatedly demonstrated it during his ministry. Congratulations on the feedback you’ve received from Brad and I wish you great success in the coming film of my favorite novel of yours.

    • Rita, you are a darling. I appreciate your support. One day this movie will be made, ut more importantly to me, I’ll get to tell people about my sister and point to my nephew–the child she almost aborted and who is now a pastor. Now THAT’S a God-story!

  2. Heather, What fantastic news! I’m delighted for you….and all of us (your fans) who have loved the stories you write. The thought of getting to see our favorite stories on the big screen (or little screen) soon is so exciting! Thank you for sharing. It is wonderful to know that God loves people so much, He will meet them wherever they are…even in their entertainment. Your faithfulness to follow your calling, in the face of doubters and naysayers is a great encouragement to the rest of us. I’ll be praying.

    God Bless 💐 Kathy Palmer


  3. I can’t wait to see this story come to my TV!! I’ll be praying about this with you!! I can see God using this series, as books and on TV.

  4. Awesome Testimony!
    I am so proud and happy for you. May God continue to bless everything you put your hands to do. You are such an inspiration to me and your testimony confirmed some things God has been speaking to me.
    Peace and blessings

  5. I fell upon this post looking for contact info about the company ‘higher purpose entertainment’. I have been struggling about writing screenplays and books with a focus on God over the last three years. I am starting a course with Ted Dekker this week and thinking ‘Am I mad? Is God truly calling me to write? I am fifty two…‘
    In January I had my first paid gig for a documentary treatment (having to do with faith). (I was ignoring the book nudge…) Then COVID hit and it couldn’t go into development. Done. I started to think maybe that nudge for writing story books is where God wants me to be after all and COVID wasn’t a set back but just a course correction…

    Thanks for putting this blog out there.

    • Kathleen, thank you for reading and I am so glad this blog helped you. We serve a mighty God and if we put ourselves in the center of His will, His plans for us will come about. You KEEP writing. And I’m 55. We’re only gettin’ started!

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