Babies Have Rights, Too

Abortion. Yeah. I’m going there.

As a history freak, I’m pretty well acquainted with how hard life was for the women who settled and–might I add–fought–for this country. Sometimes they manned cannons or rode through hell and high water to deliver intelligence. They fought marauding Indians, beat off snakes with sticks, stared down cattle rustlers, stamped out brush fires with handmade quilts, heck, even crawled through blizzards. And a lot of the time our ancestors did these amazing feats with babies in their arms and toddlers clinging to their apron strings.

I read somewhere the average woman in the 19th century had six children. Most of these ladies probably would have liked to stop before then. Six babies is a lot, but having them was a fact of life because successful birth control (short of abstinence) wasn’t a fact of life. I surmise, however, if they’d had magic wands and could have “undone” any of these pregnancies, I’d bet 99.99% of these gals would have balked at the proposition. In fact, I’d bet they’d be willing to walk through hell covered in gasoline to protect their infants.

Fast forward to the 1970s when all a woman had to do to prevent pregnancy was pop a pill or slap a condom on her partner. Yet, Democrats and spineless Republicans pushed ahead (Roe v. Wade) to legalize abortion, though with “strict limitations” because those words make “murder” so much more palatable. Pro-lifers warned this was a slippery slope; man is after all evil and rebellious at heart.

So here we are today. The New York state legislature comes along and votes into law the right of a woman to kill her baby in the 3rd trimester. And she doesn’t even have to have a doctor perform the homicide. I heard this morning the Virginia legislature is considering a similar bill.

If you know me, you know I’m not politically correct so it won’t surprise you where I come down on these horrific “laws.” I am DEEPLY DISGUSTED by New York Assemblywoman Deborah Glick and NY State Senator Liz Krueger and Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran. The “sponsors” of these bills. I’d call them death merchants.







Ladies, a law that allows the murder of a child for no reason other than the baby is an inconvenience is diabolical. Abominable. Dastardly. Evil. Heinous. Soulless. As are you.

And I’m sorry for you.

I can talk politics all day long and not lose my temper. THIS is the one issue on which I struggle to maintain patience and kindness. I’m not just dealing with ignorance or fear (as I see so often when discussing the 2nd Am), this is EVIL. Pure and simple. And I stand in Defiance of it.

Pray, people, pray. Vote Pro-Life. Donate to pro-life candidates. Support our pro-life president.

Our ancestors didn’t fight and struggle to keep their children alive to build this nation and settle a country just so we could treat human lives as if they are less valuable than cattle. Think about it. If the politicians feel this way about a 9-month old baby in the womb, who’s next? Senior citizens? The mentally challenged? Jews?


Can I get an amen?





About Heather Frey Blanton

"I believe Christian fiction should be messy and gritty, because the human condition is ... and God loves us anyway." -- Heather Blanton

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  1. I wanted to read more of this blog entry but couldn’t find it.

  2. Amen indeed! These women are the death squad. So sick and yes, soulless. Thank you for sharing Heather.

  3. AMEN!! Thank you for writing the truth about how far our elected officials are willing to go to appease the far left in this country with their lack of morals.

  4. Dawn Frey Cramer

    Sis, that was most excellent!!!! I pray People wake up!
    Love ya. ❤️

  5. My daughter would love to be able to have a child but can’t. She would love to be able to adopt but few babies are available because of abortion. It makes me both sad and angry.

  6. ceciliamariepulliam

    I so agree! Even terminating an early pregnancy is murder. That “tissue” doesn’t grow into anything other than a human child. Sigh. Praying everyday for this horror to stop.

  7. Heather thank you for standing up for the voiceless little ones. Every time I read the articles with those politicians selling their “murder for hire” bills it makes me cry. My almost 16 year old Chihuahua’s life has more value than a baby that is perhaps seconds from taking it’s first breath,.or perhaps even after it’s taken it’s first breath. I weep to think that the safest place for a baby used to be beneath it’s mom’s heart. Sadly that is not true anymore.

  8. AMEN! As one of those who could so easily have been murdered, my mom had been diagnosed with some kind of problem when my older brother was born and that it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to become pregnant again, I am dead set against murdering your child. Even now, as a single girl never married, who has never had kids I still can’t imagine making such an awful decision for convenience sake. I do feel that murdering your child before or after birth is one of the most heinous crimes a woman can commit, though,but I also believe that any woman seeking forgiveness will find it and healing in Jesus. Anyway, thank you so much for NOT being politically correct! As a woman from a small western town I, and many others in my small town, have heard and had more than enough PC garbage to last us a lifetime…and with this new bill who knows which of us will be next on the chopping block…all for convenience…..

  9. You just stated every argument I have been stating to anyone who will listen. And as it stands there are all kinds of birth control methods that are legal and can be used if you are predisposed to not having a child/children, including tubal ligation (sterilization), so abortion should NOT be considered a birth control method. I am so upset that these so called celebrities get up in front of the cameras and brag about their multiple abortions. WOW, what great role models they are for vulnerable young girls.

    I have also stated that if you are going to carry the full nine months, give the child up for adoption instead of aborting it. There are so many people that would love to adopt that baby and give it a loving home.

  10. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone and especially women are okay with this. There are lots of people out there who would gladly adopt the unwanted babies. It makes me sick to my stomach to think people are this evil and unfeeling. And, I think you’re right, the elderly will be next. Will we be refused medical care or just euthanized? So, yes, you get a big AMEN from me!!!

  11. Amen, Heather! The heinous NY law and proposed bill in VA are stark evidence that our slippery slope is about to bottom out and will only get worse if we don’t take a stand. 40 Days for Life starts on March 6th. I urge all who support life to sign up at and gather with your respective communities outside local abortion clinics (like Planned Parenthood) in your area, to pray peaceably or stand in silence to end abortion. Show this diabolically minded minority that they cannot speak for the babies, or for the rest of the country who support human life.

  12. Yes, yes and more yes!

  13. “Who’s next? Senior citizens? The mentally challenged? Jews ?” This frightens me to no end because my daughter is “developbmentally delayed ” and I had a brain aneurysm, so I am really really afraid our illnesses (if you call it that) will be used against us. I’m more afraid for her because I am 56 and she’s only 23. In cases like this, I can’t help but think Hitler has risen from the dead.

    Jeannette Shields

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