Blanton’s Defiance Novels Optioned for A Limited TV Series

How did all this come about? It’s one crazy God-story!


Actor Matt Williams

I was on facebook private messaging with my assistant when I happened to see actor Matt Williams announce that he’d done well in an audition, got the part, and probably another one. I hopped over to just quickly congratulate him. He commented back that he’d like to get a part when one of my books was made into a movie. I said, “Well, it just so happens that I do have a script for A Lady in Defiance, but I haven’t done anything with it.”

Matt immediately private messaged me and asked me about this book. I told him to date it had sold over 50,000 copies and I did write a script for it, passed it around to a few professionals in the industry, but they wanted me to make some changes to it. I wasn’t averse to doing that, I just didn’t feel like working on the script. Really, I’m a novelist.

Matt said there was someone he wanted me to meet and even over the facebook messenger I could hear his excitement!

The next day Micah Lyons reached out to me and wanted to know all about my Defiance books. After a few days of back-and-forth, he made me an offer! And get this–in the course of our conversations, Micah mentioned that he’d seen A Lady in Defiance one day in a Books-a-Million and kept the story in the back of his head! Honestly, we both took that as a sign.


Micah Lyons–the man in the middle after directing a fight scene.

I suddenly realized I might be on the verge of a life-changing decision and reached out to some wonderful folks like Brian Bird and Bodie Thoene for some advice. They were kind enough to offer their thoughts. Like get an agent, don’t give Micah the option on all three books, etc. Then JD Dewitt of 5×5 Productions answered my inquiry and wanted to talk.


JD and her sons

JD is precious. I love her to death. Her favorite genre is Westerns and she had already read A Lady in Defiance back in 2013! In short, she now represents me and helped hammer out the deal with Breath of Life Productions.

As I mentioned, one of the things that some professionals recommended I NOT do was give Breath of Life the option on all three books. In case the first one sold, then I should have the ability, they argued, to maneuver for a better deal on books 2 and 3, maybe with a bigger producer. Honestly, that just didn’t feel right to me. Micah was the first producer to look at this project and want to commit immediately to a series, not just one movie. He said he couldn’t see it any other way. That was when I knew. The “up-and-comer” in Hollywood had to have his shot. If Breath of Life Productions and Micah can sell this project, then they deserve to handle all of it.

I’ve heard NOTHING but good things about Micah Lyons and have enjoyed my talks with him immensely. A Godly young man, he is living in a dark kingdom and taking the Light to it.

I say let’s take the good news to those living in Defiance! I hope you’ll pray for this project. We would all appreciate it very much.

Now, a question. Who would you like to see play Naomi Miller and Charles McIntyre? I vote Reese Witherspoon for Naomi, but I’m still deciding on Charles!


About Heather Frey Blanton

"I believe Christian fiction should be messy and gritty, because the human condition is ... and God loves us anyway." -- Heather Blanton

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  1. How exciting, Heather! Every writer’s dream! I don’t know about Reese. Have to think about that one. Definitely Adam Croasdell for Charles though, as long as he has his facial hair. LOL. He can play hard scary, but soft, too. And that voice commands a room just like I pictured Charles in my head when I read the book. Good luck! Hope it all goes well!

  2. I’m thinking perhaps someone just a bit younger than Reese for Naomi, although no one comes to mind immediately. But how about Bradley Cooper for Charles?

  3. Oh my GOSH, Heather! We are finally going to see one of my all time favorite books in video. Congratulations! I’m glad you listened to the Holy Spirit about the options. It’s not always about the better deal is it. God is running the whole show anyway. I am so happy for you! I can’t offer any suggestions on actors because those who I’d want to see are already with the Lord. I did love Anson Mount who played Cullen Bohannon on Hell on Wheels though. He’d make a great Charles.

  4. Hi Heather!
    I know next to nothing about movies and actors, but I wanted to say “congratulations “ again. I’m very happy for you.

  5. So excited to hear about this development. Love your books, And love your passion to share Christ in an authentic way. Can’t wait to see the books on film. Success couldn’t have happened to a better person, you deserve it. And love your humility in keeping it all in the Lord’s hands.

  6. Anson Mount for Charles! I think he would be awesome in that part. Chloë Grace Moretz for Naomi! Wasn’t Naomi young. I kinda think Reese is a little to old to play Naomi. JMO

  7. I am so excited for this!!! Oh my gosh, so jazzed!! Thank you for sharing your heart in the Defiance series and for writing a script for this step to proceed! Happy dance!

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