Journey to Love Book Collection #Giveaway #LadiesinDefiance

Need a great reason to stay inside and keep warm this winter??!?! How about a good book?

BUT, not just ONE book … SEVEN BOOKS from SEVEN best-selling authors! The only question is… What book do you start out with first???

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Seven inspirational romances featuring women who find love as they journey from one locale to another.

Love, Stock, and Barrel by Crystal L Barnes
Hiding from a rat of a fiancé, Dinah Lexington makes tracks for Texas and who she hopes is her late mother’s relative. She’s seeking answers but finds more than she bargains for when she gets caught in a shotgun wedding—with the rifle pointed at her. Russell Cahill can’t believe his father is demanding he marry the feisty redhead. The sharpshooting female would only add to his troubles, but how does one argue with a gun and an attraction he’s fought to ignore? Sparks fly. Secrets surface. Loss threatens. Will a dream for love shatter forever, or will the pair find a marriage worth lock, stock, and barrel?

A Noose Fit for a Bride by Samantha Bayarr
When Alvira Prickett travels to Tombstone, Arizona, to get away from the over-bearing man her father is trying to force her to marry for his own financial benefit, she gets mixed up in the robbery of the stagecoach by mistake. Now, it’s up to Sheriff Hurley Grinshaw, to keep her neck out of the noose. Will he save her, despite the fact she lied to him about being his mail-order-bride, or will he send her and her con-artist father packing?

Love, Lies, and Typewriters by Heather Blanton
A cowboy with a Purple Heart. A reporter with a broken heart. Which one is her Mr. Right? When Lucy Daniels is rescued from a stampeding herd of cattle by war hero Dale Sumner, sparks fly and headlines are born. Smelling an opportunity, the local newspaper decides to send the couple on a tour selling war bonds—not to mention, subscriptions. Enamored with her handsome savior, Lucy is happy to play her part … until she realizes she may be falling for the wrong man, jeopardizing the whole story line. When love and lies collide on the front page, will she have a chance to write her own fairy tale ending?

Bootheel Betrothal by Helen Gray
Lynn Buchanan is looking for her birth mother. After losing her parents and learning she is adopted, Lynn travels to the SE section of Missouri known as the bootheel to search for her mother. When she tangles with handsome Mitch Stratton, her plans and dreams are thrown into a tailspin. Mitch must focus on keeping his cotton gin operating and providing jobs for his employees. Meeting the newfound sister of his best friend is a complication to his plans—and his heart.

Emmy’s Equal by Marcia Gruver
Get ready for a suspenseful romantic adventure deep in the heart of South Texas. Emmy Dane doesn’t want to give up petticoats and frills for boots and spurs when her family decides to journey to Carrizo Springs, Texas. Ranch hand Diego Marcelo’s mother tells him God will soon deliver him from his loneliness—but he assures her he has no need of deliverance. . .that is, until Emmy arrives and disrupts the entire way of life at the ranch. Can Diego put his jealousy aside before time runs out? And will Emmy admit she’s found her match in the stubborn foreman?

Ruth’s Redemption by Cynthia Hickey
The Civil War took everything from Ruth Stallings except for her grandmother and sisters. Now without a home or funds, they take the White River as far as it will go and end up in Painted Bluff, Arkansas, a town populated mostly by men out looking for a wife. Sheriff John Powell wants nothing to do with the pretty women or the trouble they bring. Especially when a gang of marauders show up looking for Ruth. Can Ruth and John overcome their differences and find love?

Sleigh Belles by Janice Thompson
Alanna from Savannah heads west to Montana to rescue her sister and convince her to come back home to the south. . .where she belongs. But sometimes life has a way of surprising us! Will Alanna find love in places she never expected?

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About Heather Frey Blanton

"I believe Christian fiction should be messy and gritty, because the human condition is ... and God loves us anyway." -- Heather Blanton

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  1. Debbie Clatterbuck

    My favorite place I “journeyed” to is Charleston, SC for Basic Training in the Army. It made me grow up and stop being a big baby.

  2. Tennessee, the Smoky Mountains, in October, oh my was it beautiful!

    wfnren at aol dot com

  3. I was able to go to Hawaii when my son was stationed there. Loved it

  4. I Went to Florida In October for our Honeymoon (Many Moons ago LOL) It was so nice down there because I live in NW PA

  5. Patricia Barraclough

    My favorite place that I visited is a hard one. I have traveled to many wonderful places and have many more I want to see. The place that was most special was Bali. I was there in 1971 right after I finished 3 years in the Peace Corps. I am sure it has changed much since then. It was still culturally intact. Westernization was intruding, but it was easy to get away from it. Old rituals and customs were being followed (teeth filing, walking on coals, ceremonies to the gods, possession by demons, shadow puppet shows in the village square done behind a sheet with a kerosene lamp, daily flower & fruit offerings to the gods, and more) and could be seen if you got to know some of the locals who trusted you. Now, many of these have been turned into commercial shows. The place had an air of timelessness to it. Getting there you felt like time had slowed and sort of just flowed. The people were wonderful and the experience unbelievable.

  6. I haven’t traveled much, but I really enjoyed Barbados. My husband was so disappointed there because it was raining and our plans were cancelled, but I had a great time!

  7. I have traveled all over the US but I have to say other than all of the US since I love history, and I was born and raised in PA so studied a lot of that history, living in Cuba was actually the most informative since I met a lot of Jamaicans and Cubans and learned some of their culture, history and FOODS!!

  8. A favorite place I’ve journeyed to is a river boat cruise in England where we went through locks which took 6 days in what you drive in 2 hr. My mom and I were on a tour with 10 more adventurers and enjoyed the peace on the river along with loons and a fresh Blackberry Flummery.

  9. One of my favorite places that I’ve “journeyed” to is Colorado Springs, CO. I lived there for a year.

  10. My favorite place that I’ve been to three times is the beautiful, Mediterranean island country of Cyprus. Great food, great people and lots of ruins and archaeology to check out.

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