Southern Writers Magazine (January 2017) and Lil’ old Me! #LadiesinDefiance


So happy and so honored to be featured at Southern Writers Magazine! Here’s a little sneak peek at my article and you can learn a whole lot more about me and the inner workings in my addled brain.


Please check out and think about subscribing too. This is a quality magazine that was a PLEASURE to work with and I appreciate them featuring a lil’ old Southern gal like me.  🙂


About Heather Frey Blanton

"I believe Christian fiction should be messy and gritty, because the human condition is ... and God loves us anyway." -- Heather Blanton

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  1. Wow! You are something else-on your up and beyond! I have always known you Would make it!!! Your picture is great on the mag cover! I am sure it will be there again. I have so much faith in you. Cannot believe the followers that you have. How do you get anything done with answering each and everyone. Thank you again for a most entertaining lunch. It was great. Warm hugs

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