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Do you have a special child in your life that loves color? Anything that makes it easier for a child to read and delve deeper into the Bible is beneficial, and this NKJV version does just that.

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color code bible

Over 1600 passages are color-coded on important faith themes. The first New King James Version for Kids highlighted in full-color, this Bible will be simple for kids to read and understand. 

With topics arranged by color, you will learn about salvation and how to put God’s word into your daily faith walk. The topics/colors are:

Gold: God

Navy: Sin, evil,

Red: Jesus

Orange: washed clean from sin, new life

Green: growth in your new life as a Christian and Faith Walk

Blue: Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving

Purple: Heaven

A vibrant 64 pages in the beginning of the Bible will explain the color system as well as offer expanded study help features especially for a child’s creative and imaginative mind!

The large, readable type, bold in-text subject headings, individual Bible book introductions, and color-highlighted verses all make this Bible a fantastic purchase for any child!

Full of bright colors, memorization aids, and the never-ending truth of God’s Good News, the Color Code Bible is an exciting new way to study God’s Word for everybody.

The Review

Anything that makes it easier for a child to read and delve deeper into the Bible is beneficial, and this NKJV version does just that.

This hardcover Bible is the perfect size to hold or read open on a tabletop. It lays flat and is easy flip through the pages. What makes this Bible “different” is the color coding system that it utilizes. The seven colored topics make it easier to pursue a topic with greater ease. I know that many people have questions about Heaven, and with this Bible kids can look for purple highlighted portions of  Scripture that are all relevant to that topic. It’s like having all of your research cards already put together for you to make studying a particular topic that much easier. I also like how each book in the Bible has the author’s name and info, the time of when it was written, and the theme of that book. The NKJV is also an easy version of the Bible to read for any age, and even adults would benefit from this Color Code Bible version.

Perfect for a gift, just because you need a new Bible, or have never owned one, this Color Code Bible will bring new life to God-inspired words of truth to you soul.

The Giveaway

The winner will receive a copy of the NKJV Color Code Bible courtesy of Tommy Nelson Publishing. This giveaway is open to US addresses only. Enter through the Rafflecopter link below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will run through August 10, 2016 and the winner will be announced on August 11.


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  1. I have a a special little girl who calls me Grandma I’m just the babysitter but that okay with me.I have know grandkids ,that’s why she’s special .She loves to go to church with me and she’s goes to Sunday school the into children church..we talk about what we heard in each .she’s such a bright child,and would love to have this coloring book.thank you.

  2. Melody Durant

    It’s been so long since my kids were small! They would earn treats from the reward drawer, that was full of prizes, for verses, good deeds, potty traing, chores completed.

  3. Make bible verse flash cards and teach them about Jesus ❤

  4. Start with the stories they’ll enjoy the most like Jonah and the whale.

  5. I like to get my nieces bible stories on DVD which they enjoy as well as the books

  6. Rafflecopter: Shakeia Rieux

  7. I tell my kids what I’ve been reading and how excited I am about the topic or story. It gets them interested too.

  8. I think it’s important to make it relatable to kids. They love hearing and reading stories and enjoy illustrations!

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