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“You’ve gotta ask yourself one question. . . . . Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? ”

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Thanks JC for being with us today and sharing about your MoonStone series.

How was your book heroine, Kayden, “A Lady in Defiance” of the times or circumstances in which she lived?

This is a loaded question.  It would be easier to ask when Kayden is not in defiance. From her refusal to conform to the restrictions a lady is expected to maintain – to her unexpected decision to rescue her intended target, Kayden exemplifies the word defiance. In book one of  the Order of the MoonStone series, A Reluctant Assassin, Kayden is sent to assassinate the crown Prince of Auralius before he can choose a bride and take the throne. However, in typical defiant fashion, instead of completing her assignment, she falls in love with him and in the process, saves his life. And her defiance does not end there. As she spent a great deal of her childhood on the street and then in the bowels of the shadowy organization that took her into their ranks, the ways of a lady are almost entirely foreign to her.

a desperate escape

A Desperate Escape

A Secret . . .

A Confession . . .

A Decision that will change the lives of an entire country.

The palace is scrambling to recover from a brutal assault . . . the country is in disarray . . . and the royal security team is on edge like never before.

Kayden entered the palace under a lie . . . a lie that has now been exposed.

And now . . .

Prince Dvarius has to decide what to do with his reluctant assassin.

Author Bio:

JC Morrows – Bestselling author of YA Christian speculative fiction, drinker of coffee and avid reader – is a storyteller in the truest sense of the word. JC has been telling stories in one form or another her entire life and once her mother convinced her to write them down, she couldn’t stop.

She finished her first speculative fiction novel purely for the enjoyment of her mother – also known as her biggest fan.

She gives God all of the glory for her talent and ability!

“And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” Habakkuk 2:2 KJV

The Giveaway

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  1. A Trechorous Decidtion

  2. a reluctant assassin thanks for the chance

  3. Most Likely this one A Reluctant Assassin (Order of the MoonStone Book 1) because I haven’t read any of her books yet Thanks for the chance to win

  4. I’m most interested in A Dangerous Love (Order of the MoonStone Short Stories Book 3).

  5. Thank you for having me as a guest on your site, Heather. I’m excited to see so much interest already in my series!

    Bless you!

  6. I can’t wait to read A Reluctant Assassin. This series sounds AWESOME! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  7. I’d like to read “A dangerous love”

  8. I would like to read A Reluctant Assassin first

  9. I want the book desperate escape

  10. A Reluctant Assassin – looks interesting!

  11. I haven’t read much spec. fiction, I’d like to start at the beginning of the series with A Reluctant Assassin.

  12. I was recently gifted a copy of A Reluctant Assassin, so that would be the first book of JC’s that I would like to read.

  13. I am totally excited to read this Desperate Escape + attracted to A Cunning Masquerade !
    decisions decisions 😉

  14. A Desperate Escape. Then on to the rest of the series.

  15. A Treacherous Decision

  16. ladymagnolia99

    A Reluctant Assassin really looks good!!!

    Judy Cox

  17. A Treacherous Decision sounds intriguing.

  18. I am interested in reading A Dangerous Love

  19. A Reluctant Assassin sounds good

  20. Polaris Northstar

    I have been dying to read A Reluctant Assassin!!!!

  21. A Reluctant Assassin is definitely the one I have to read

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